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Riedon is the most trusted name in high precision resistors.


PCB Manufacturing
For over 25 years, Custom Circuit Boards has been providing high quality PCB Manufacturing for hundreds of businesses around the world. Give them a call or email today to get a fast and accurate PCB quote today.

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Check out the values in purchasing Dell products - this is one of the most used computers in many of the local school districts.  Reason, cost and on site service.


Bold new move, partnership with new and developing network wiring company.  VMA Network Wiring is now one of our partners. Call today for your wiring needs. 925-323-3222


Allied Telesis Launches New 32-Bit PCI Gigabit Fiber Adapter Card for the Desktop.


Time Clock  For the latest and cutting edge biometric time clock technology, AlliedTime.com is your one stop shop.


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Why Blades

History of most IT department goes something like this: First, you needed solutions for mail, messaging, customer relationship management and enterprise resource - stand alone server, right?

Then you needed backup, disaster recovery, a storage area network and so on.   Deployed and managed these pieces separately – a growing network  that got more complicated every time you've added to it.  You entered the equipment room, it's now a huge man made spider web of wires, cables and metal and plastic and realized that you don't have the space,the budget to meet the requirements for your upgrade.

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