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Working With Our Neighbors

During the  past few years we have continued our annual computer give away during the month of December. We built several updated computer systems for our lucky younger children.    They will spend their winter learning computer ways.  

We have had great response from Parents with our December, 2005 - 2012 give away. "Children need to get involved with computers. Giving back to the community is the simple and rewarding way of saying Thank You".

Children Computers


This year we are projecting that 15 - 20 computers will be given to families in our service area - if you are in need of an older, but working computer system - give us a call 925-323-3222 / 510-227-7207 Help Desk 925-289-3327 or email us -

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Special . One year warranty on parts (manufactured) and labor for reinstall - on site pick-up and delivery in the following areas.  Concord, Martinez, Pittsburgh, Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill and Antioch, California.  Special Educational discount rates apply, email: for percentage rate.  Multiple 15+ system discounts - identical units only.\

Advance System Care

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION  We have made  our motto "We make better things happen" not just the use of words, but belief that our customers are RjPlace System Designs, our goal is to continue this belief.

After many years of working the trade, RjPlace System Designs has grown, not just in the personal PC department, but into business servers, including email, point of sale, domain setups, and Internet connectivity, using VPN and local web servers.


Have your son or daughter write a short note or letter and we will make our decision who is receiving the computer system, screen, mouse and keyboard.

Advanced System Care is used for most of our clients to keep their computers running at top notch speeds and with little expense.  Check this great product out today.

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